Texas Attorneys Adding Value

Startups & Entrepreneurs

Are you ready to get started?

Whether its a new idea, business, joint venture, or non-profit, there are several important first steps that you should take to protect your success.  

The old adage of "begin with the end in mind" is certainly applicable to beginning any endeavor.  It is the vision of where you will be, your goal, your guiding light.     

You bring the vision.  We will provide the legal framework to achieve and protect your success.  We have guided dozens of clients through their journey and we look forward to helping you.

Immigration and Visas

Are you seeking citizenship?  Green Card?  Work Visa for short or long term work?

There are numerous pathways depending on your goal as well as your current and former situation.  The key is to know your options.

Your options.  Not all the options, not all the possibilities.  The internet is full of generic information and sometimes its right for you and sometimes it leads to decisions and paths that do not lead to your goal.

To know your options, we must first know you, then we will clear away the clutter to reveal YOUR true options.

International Businesses and Non-U.S. Employees

Imports, exports, international transactions, foreign investment, offshore investing, and a variety of other strategies provide a multitude of options to the business that's prepared to operate on a worldwide stage.  This is where the two parts of our practice come together.  

International investors, entrepreneurs, businesses, employees, contractors, etc.  It all involves people, goods, and services crossing the U.S. border.  And the first step is to know your options.

“The legal system can be confusing, intimidating and overwhelming at times. Our objective is to provide you with a clear understanding of your legal situation and provide strategies to achieve your desired results with efficiency and clarity.”
— Masad Baba, Attorney