Business Visas & Immigration

We love international entrepreneurs.  They have the vision and dreams of entrepreneurs plus a interesting perspective. 

In addition the the formation of a new business venture, we will explore your options for business visas and immigration.

Are you just looking for long term residency to build your international business or are you ultimately seeking permanent residency or citizenship?  Do you have a spouse, children, or other dependents? 

There are countless possibilities depending on your specific situation.  Our attorneys will review your situation and develop a plan to begin your journey.

Start a Business

Do you have an idea, vision, dream? When you are ready to get started meet with our business experts.  We will help you understand the best structure to achieve your goals and develop a roadmap to reach those goals. 

Will you be seeking investors or partners?  Will you have employees or contractors?  Do you need to protect your family's assets or insulate your new business from past business activity?

Do you need an LLC or Corporation or a specialty entity?  Will your elect S-Corp status with the IRS?  Are you affected by sales tax?  Are you aware of your annual reporting requirements to State and Federal agencies?

Our attorneys will review your situation and help you chart your course.


Texas has proven time and again to be a priceless asset for small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs.  It is constantly in pursuit of a perfect balance between ideal business conditions and protection of innocent individuals.

  • Tort reform that has not overreached.
  • No state income tax and a business margins tax that is very small business friendly.
  • Balanced Employee vs Employer policies and laws.
  • Culture that encourages the support of local business.

On the other hand, no one can deny that many Texas cities are international hubs and none are more diverse than Houston.  We have clients with business interests on 6 continents and are active in the Sister Cities of Houston.

In addition, we understand advantages and strategies that employ many other states and countries.  Our national and international partnerships as well as clients provide strategic insight into the latest international opportunities.